For road, mountain or triathlon our goal is to individually position you in order to increase comfort, efficiency and performance.

Fuel always takes into consideration:

  • Previous injuries/pains or concerns.
  • Previous cycling or sporting history.
  • Flexibility and posture.
  • Core condition.
  • Future cycling or sporting aspirations and goals.

A 1hr Sport bike fit session will include the adjustment and analysis of the following items

  • Saddle height and position
  • Shoe and cleat position - for leg tracking and stability
  • Bar and stem set and sizing


  • Consultations from $85 for 1hr session with Herb Donovan Head Cycle Technician
  • Call: 0395633281 for an appointment


A 2hr Elite session will includes the following 

  • Slow motion video camera analysis
  • Computer range and motion check
  • Saddle height and position
  • Shoe and cleat position
  • Bar stem position set and sizing 
  • Power output checks and measurement


  • Consultations from $250 for Elite session bike fit with Andrew Robinson Ex.Phys.
  • Call: 0412894342 for an appointment