Absolute FAQ


How much is the joining fee?

Our admin joining fee is $99.  This covers the cost of setting up the membership and direct debit with our third-party billing provider.  

Is there a choice of contract terms?

Our membership terms are currently all 12 month. All membership options continue past the contract term until you advise us you wish to cancel.

Can I choose a start date?

Yes you can pick the date you'd like your membership to start. After that regular weekly/ fortnightly/monthly payment will apply.

How can I cancel my membership?

You will need to contact us – either in person or over the phone – and we will be able to assist you in the cancelling of your membership.

We understand that circumstances change or that you may move from the area and need to cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership at any stage there is a cancellation of $65 applicable, please contact us directly. 
Additionally, here are some important things to understand about cancelling your membership: 
All direct debit memberships are set to a rolling term once your initial term expires
Direct debit memberships have a set term that automatically rolls over to a month-to-month agreement once the minimum term has expired. If you would like your payments to automatically stop at the end of your minimum term, please put your intention in writing (email) to member@fuelperformance.com.au
Memberships require 30 days' notice period to cancel. 

You will still enjoy access to our services for the final 30 days so you can continue to claim your benefits. 
If you would like to cancel your membership within the 7 day cooling off period, please contact us and put your cancellation request in writing. This can be done by email or by handing the letter off in person instore. 
If you would like to cancel your membership based on a permanent disability or serious illness, please put your request in writing along with a letter from a medical practitioner detailing the disability or illness. 

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, Fuel Absolute members have the flexibility to suspend their membership due to travel and/or illness for a small service fee. Suspensions are available for a minimum period of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks per year.

A suspension form must be completed in person at Fuel or at least 10 days before the period requested and cannot be backdated, it also will reset every 12 months. Suspensions do not rollover or accumulate. A fee of $5 per week applies to suspend your membership.

Simply email or call us with the dates that you would like your membership suspended. Suspending your membership due to pregnancy is free of charge for up to 12 months, although a medical certificate with suspension dates must be provided. Suspension for medical reasons is also free of charge upon presentation of a medical certificate.  If you require a suspension beyond any of the above parameters you may submit a request via email member@fuelperformance.com.au

What happens at the end of the 12 months if I havn't used all my services or products?

You will still be entitled to your unclaimed spare parts or physical items outlined in your member plan. If you renew your member plan for a following new term we can roll them in with any further offers taken up by you.  However if you do not renew for a new term it has been your responsibility to use all aspects of your membership entitlements throughout your membership term, if they are not claimed within your contract term they will not be valid after the expiry of your contract.

Can I transfer my membership to a friend?

Yes, you may transfer your membership to a family member or friend. All transfers do incur a $65 fee. 

How do I update personal and/or account details?

You can update your personal details by contacting us either in person, phone 0395633281 or by email at member@fuelperformance.com.au

Who do I contact regarding direct debit or payment billing errors? 
If you have any questions regarding payments or if you would like to change your payment details, please contact Debit Success on 1800 148 848 or email customerservice@debitsuccess.com

If you have any other questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you please email us on info@fuelperformance.com.au





It all started when...


 Fuel turned 10 years old in 2017!

How time flies!

So we thought it was high time to evaluate, re-invigorate and find new ways to improve our service to you even more. 

So our question to ourselves was -  'How can we serve our customers better?'  - So after a few amazing trail rides, road climbs, deep inspirational thought and post recovery drinks (beers) we decided that the best way to meet our customers needs was to have more contact with them & time with their bikes!

With more time.... we have more opportunity to have our expert hands and eyes on your ride - time to have more opportunity to clean, detail and take care of things before they become a problem - time to make the most out of your investment keeping things in peak condition!

So we got to work and came up with our flagship product.....The Fuel 'Absolute'  Membership package which includes our newest service of door to door pick up and delivery!

 A yearly package to offer you a unique saving on running costs & provide an even more personalised service that cares for your equipment and your prized cycling machine better than ever before.

Can you use the membership for more than one bicycle?

*Yes......Fuel Absolute is designed with different riders and families in mind. A single membership covers up to two (2) bicycles. Bicycle year, make and model need to be registered on your membership.

If you upgrade in this timewe can swap out bikes covered by your membership. Just give us a call and we’ll sort it out for you.  Members can have any performance* bicycle as long as it is under 10yrs old (MY 2008-18) and registered on your membership a road bike, mountain bike or Triathlon bike as long as its registered with your membership we'll look after it!

What is a performance bicycle?

  • We class it as a bicycle with a orginal RRP value over $3000 in value. 

Do I still need to book my bike in for servicing?

Yes you still need to book in online. We will remind you when we think your bike may need some attention but depending on how many hours and km’s you clock up this may vary.

What brand of of spare parts does Fuel use when servicing my bicycle?

We only use factory brands when servicing, Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo orginal spare parts unless requested otherwise.

Which brand of tyres does Fuel use?

Vittoria tyres they are a leading Italian brand that has been manufacturing bicycle tires for over 60 years and is the first to incorperate Graphene technology into there tires. We love them as they are simply the best.

Can I request other brands to be used when servicing ie> Swissstop brake pads or Continental tyres?

Yes we can order in other brands at your request however a difference in cost my apply, we can quote this for you at the time of booking or service.

Can I have parts or components purchased online ie. new handlebars fitted under my membership?


Can I have custom work done to my bicycle ie. colour matched painted seatpost or handlebars?

No paintwork or frame repair is not included however we can arrange still for you to have all this done.

Are broken spoke replacements included?

Yes the labour is included however parts or components required are not.

 Are tyre or tube changes inlcuded?

Yes normal clincher tyre and tubular tyre gluing changes are included. Parts & glue required are still invoiced. 

Is tubular tyre replacement included?

Yes, parts & glue required are still invoiced. 

Is tubeless mountain bike tyre replacment included?

Yes, tubeless tyre sealant we use is Stans RACE no tubes sealant simply the best! Parts & sealant required are still invoiced.

Does the suspension service include damper service?

No, suspension servicing excludes fork charger dampers , rear shock damper unit these items can be serviced however are an extra cost. Also we do not service Cannondale Lefty forks, Specialized Brain systems.

I need some new bar tape fitted?

Yes this is also included, bar tape cost is not included.

I need my gears tuned they are slightly rough is this included?

Yes this is included.

I need my brakes tuned they are not feeling right is this included?

Yes this is included.

Does the service packages include disc brake bleeding and brake fluid?

Yes your Absolute member package also includes brake bleeding. Brake fluid required DOT 4/5 or mineral oil is an additional cost still.

My bike has started to click and creak can you fix this within my membership package?

Yes this is included too. Replacement parts or components required are not included. 

I need to change the height of my headstem or seat is this included?

Yes included.

I need an insurance quote after damaging my bike is this included and will a new bike build or parts be fitted under my membership?

Yes these services are provided also.


If you have any other questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you please email us on info@fuelperformance.com.au